Don Chisholm stays ahead of the innovation curve

Using Design Thinking to Transform Businesses

March 27, 2020


Don Chisholm is Co-Founder and Innovation Director of Dossier Creative in Vancouver, BC   

Dossier is a leading brand and innovation firm. Don started his career working with a team of multi-disciplinary designers and architects on Expo ’86 pavilion experiences where he learned the art of storytelling. Following Expo, he founded Dossier and in the mid ‘90s, Dossier created the iconic Mike’s Hard Lemonade – a new beverage category and a phenomenal market success from launch until present. Today Don is passionate about being a catalyst of transformation and leads Dossier’s innovation and design venture practice, developing business models, products, brands and experiences for entrepreneurial-minded organizations.

Success like that means lots of other clients in drinkables – and edibles –  wanting Don to transform their businesses. But Dossier's knack for 'creating the unseen' has also attracted clients in retail, finance, health and several other categories. And so, while everyone else is currently riding the wave of the cannabis market boom, Dossier took it a step further with a brand for pets on the leading edge of cannabis and hemp-based products. Now that's staying ahead of the curve.

Don is currently judging Applied Arts Design Awards, and when we asked him to share a project with our readers, it's no wonder he chose this leading-the-pack pet-product success story. 


Project: True Leaf

"As passionate advocates for pet health since 2013, True Leaf has always championed the benefits associated with hemp and CBD. "

"To become a global leader in the category, True Leaf knew they needed a shift in positioning and visual identity. We focused on conveying a refined sensibility that reinforces credibility, balanced by  a strong sense of warmth and personality required for an engaging consumer brand. We developed a bold visual identity to express the brand’s playful character. The dynamic illustrations tap into the preventative and active maintenance mindset and showcased dogs enjoying life to the fullest."

"With changing attitudes and less-stringent regulations around cannabis and hemp-based products, True Leaf is poised to take the hemp-focused pet supplements category by storm."