Dylan Staniul: it's all about the exploration

Working with a client that appreciates the brand discovery process

February 7, 2020


Dylan Staniul is Principal & Creative Director at Burnkit in Vancouver, BC  

Burnkit is a design agency specializing in brand and digital. Dylan invites clients to see behind the curtain and encourages key stakeholders to engage with brand and web concepts at the earliest stages in the process. Clients like Herschel Supply Co., Electronic Arts, Veilance, and Bocci choose Burnkit not because they specialize in any one industry, but because of their approach to the work – one that welcomes collaboration, reveals creative opportunities, inspires confidence and builds consensus between stakeholders for desired outcomes.

And ya just gotta love a client who'll sign up for the journey. So what does that kind of approach to work actually look like?  

Dylan was a recent AA Awards judge and we asked him to share a favourite project with our readers. What he chose perfectly illustrates Burnkit's design process. The images he sent included an unusual shot. When asked for an explanation, Dylan replied, “I'd like to include the 'exploration' shot of the wall. To me, that process shows how we arrive at the results we do."

But for those of us who might not connect all the dots in just a couple of images, Dylan also said, "I think these two paragraphs explain the project well...”


Project: Herschel Supply Co. brand discovery


"Following an extensive brand discovery process with the Herschel Supply Co. founders and leadership team, we explored themes, headlines, ideas and visual concepts for their Brand Book. We worked closely with the Herschel creative team to review and participate in open and candid conversations to confirm a clear creative direction for the project."

"Herschel leadership expressed a vision to go beyond the typical mission/vision statement to share their brand in a more visual and authentic way. We worked together to develop content for the Brand Book that captures the heart of the company and is an honest reflection of their culture and values."





To explore (pun intended) more of Burnkit's work:

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