#EmbraceEquity with judge Karolina Loboda

A Q&A with 2023 Photography & Illustration judge

March 8, 2023

#EmbraceEquity with judge Karolina Loboda

In recognition of this year's International Women's Day (#EmbraceEquity) we wanted to celebrate all the talented hard-working women in our industry and so, we approached the women jurors of our three 2023 Awards competitions –  Photography & Illustration, Design and Student – with a Q&A. We wanted to provide them with a space to discuss their experience in the industry today as well as share their advice to up-and-coming creatives.


Karolina Łoboda, Creative Director, KLDS, Toronto, ON. 


How did you end up in the industry?

Growing up in an artistic household inspired my love of art. My father was an artist and filled our house with art and books. Painting daily after coming home from his welding job. After high school, I enrolled in University of Toronto Art & Art History Program after a year transferring to Sheridan College, Graphic Design for a solid 3-year focus. Class of 2001 ;)


What were your goals as an up-and-coming creative?

I wanted to always deliver solid work and run my own studio.


Who was your mentor?

My father was a mentor, he taught and took me to Art shows throughout my youth and we discussed Art and his artwork and graphic design work.


What was your experience climbing the creative ladder?

I hated office politics, so I quit at 27 to run my own studio.


Do you feel the creative industry has evolved when it comes to fairness to women in the workplace?

Difficult topic to answer. I would honestly say that men are still dominating. 

What is your advice to young creative women seeking a career in the industry today?

Never stop freelancing. Always have a personal website.