Rebranding program from One Twenty Three West

April 19, 2023


One Twenty Three West was charged with Seattle Southside's rebrand from their logo, brand identity to their advertising campaign, the goal was to boost tourism in a region of Seattle that unexpectedly is full of personality, character and charm.  Their work, colourful, playful and humorous, successfully captures the attractions and feel of the region.


The new brand sees an “S” logo built as a framework to morph and multiply itself to nod to the limitless options of fun, curiously wonderful “microadventures” in the region. The S, is modelled after the three cities in the region, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Des Moines, with colours representing each one. Each whimsical iteration of the logo also represents a real attraction in the region. 

Microkit from One Twenty Three West on Vimeo.

The logo transforms and spreads into widgets that are used across Explore Seattle Southside’s website and celebrates all things visual and enticing.  


Explore Seattle Southside


So much of tourism marketing can be oversaturated with photography that can lack a sense of distinction and real identity. So, all the choices in branding from colours to typography to embracing illustration let us jump out from the crowd while also highlighting the unique, left-of-centre character of the region,” says Designer Jake Lim of 123w. “As well as attracting visitors to the region, we also wanted to give locals something to rally around.” adds Jeff Harrison, Founder of 123w.



The brand quickly became about celebrating all the microadventures found in Seattle Southside, which lead to an accompanying series of videos promoting microadventures each in their own different micro ways. Tack on a micro toiletry travel kit, a content series “A guide to microadventures in a few microseconds” that does super sped up travel guides, and a hero curiously wonderful animated launch video. 


Microadventure Southside Seattle


The campaign launched in late March with digital video, social, and digital display in targeted regions in the US and Canada. 


Client:  Explore Seattle Southside
Agency:  One Twenty Three West
Creative Director:  Rob Sweetman
Creative Director: Jeff Harrison
Creative Director: Bryan Collins
Associate Creative Director: Jesse Wilks 
Associate Creative Director: Gerardo Agbuya
Designer: Jake Lim
Motion Designer: Jesse Shaw
Account Services: Katie Muir
Account Services: Natalie Wu
Producer: Ninette Aves, Brittany Taylor, Paula Gill
Strategy: Colin Carroll
Connections Planner: Kim Dudra, Michael Gray
Media Agency: Basis Technologies

Meet you in Southside!! First stop: Mysterious work of Art.