FIVE MINUTES: Annabelle Soucy, Creating through the language of imagery

February 13, 2019

FIVE MINUTES: Annabelle Soucy, Creating through the language of imagery

What happens when you cross a graphic designer and a photographer?

Other than a corny joke, you’ll likely get the minimalistic yet expressive work of Annabelle Soucy.

A visual thinker, Soucy explains that her craft is almost like a second (or third) language to her. “I’m not the best with words so, communicating with images is the easiest way to convey my thoughts.”

The Montreal-based artist is mostly known for her light, bright and joyful style, but if you ask some of her clients, they will tell you she is largely recognized for her professionalism. “I’m a work-a-holic,” she admits. “But I don’t see that as a bad thing, I know it’s important for me to practice as much as possible.”



Last year, that commitment to practicing paid off, with a win in the Young Blood Category of the 2018 Photography & Illustration Awards. Soucy’s winning portrait was entitled, ‘Black’ (pictured below); a solo project that she says, “took her back to basics.” It’s these personal solo projects that Soucy enjoys the most. Having full creative control and calling the shots – “it’s a gift from me to me,” she says while giggling.



In fact, as Soucy talks about her work, she is often interrupted by her own giggles. “I like to call myself a photograpHAer,” she says with an emphasis on the ‘ha.’ She characterizes her style as, “humorous, funny and colourful,” which, as she explains, likewise describes her personality.

“In real life, I am a funny, colourful person, it all translates through my personality.”



The past year has been a busy one for Soucy. Although she is in the infancy of her career, she knows that each of her accomplishments propels her one step closer to her ultimate goal, of being a refined artist. As she explains, each additional accomplishment she acquires (including her 2018 Young Blood win) increases her credibility with regard to her craft.

“Winning the Award gave me credibility to work with clients. Once I start working with them, it’s my job to prove my professionalism and exceed their expectations.” (There’s that professionalism again)





The impetus for Soucy’s ambition is the fact that she loves what she does.

So what’s her favourite thing about photography?

“Creating an image, taking the time to think of something conceptually, something new and different.”