From Farm to Chortle

“California Grown" Bows New Creative via Comedy Director Mike Bernstein

July 14, 2021


Puns, like fruits, nuts and veggies, aren’t made, they’re grown. They sprout from the fertile soil of language and bathed in the sunlight of silly. California Grown’s new campaign produced by Mering, a company of The Shipyard, and directed by comedy director Mike Bernstein (known for his hilarious commercials and work on SNL), combines the natural goodness of California Grown crops with equally good for you gags.

Celebrating the quirks and obsessions of those who enjoy California’s commodities the spots embrace the weird. Executive Creative Director Kerry Krasts notes: “Our ‘Grown to be Great’ campaign uses humour, hyperbole, and a fresh bold look to both champion our commodities and playfully demonstrate just how obsessed some people can get about their food and where it comes from. Visually, we knew this work (and our commodities) needed to stand out. So, we embraced our California-ness and all things bold when choosing our campaign colours, typographic treatments, and casting.” 

While you shouldn’t play with your food, that doesn’t mean the ads for it can’t be playful.


Chief Creative Officer  - Mark Taylor

ECD - Kerry Krasts

CD – Scott Conway

Sr. Writer - Brian McIyntire 

Sr. AD - Daniela Ponce

Exec Producer - Liz Ross

Director - Mike Bernstein 

Editor - Matt Faulkenthal

About California Grown

California Grown is all about connecting Californians with the people who grow and produce their food. It really is that simple. Farmers have a lot of stories to tell and want to welcome you into their fields, so you can really understand where your food comes from – and how important you are to the process. You may not think of farmers every time you’re in the grocery store, but they think about you an awful lot. From employing food safety measures that keep your food reliable, to growing varieties they know you will appreciate, and developing creative packaging solutions that will help get dinner on the table faster – these details dominate the mind of the farmer.

About Mering, A Company of The Shipyard

We Move People. Mering is a consumer action agency. We create work that moves people to engage with your brand and drives positive business outcomes. With offices in Northern and Southern California, Mering serves a roster of clients that include: Visit California, San Diego Tourism Authority, VSP Vision Care, KSL Resorts, Monarch Beach Resort, Mammoth Lakes Tourism, Merlin Entertainments (LEGOLAND), California Wine Institute, California Grown, Tahiti Tourism North America, Visit Napa Valley and Visit SLO CAL. For more information,