Full Punch and WIRTH Hats join forces on a recent project

It's time our industry makes mental well-being top of mind.

June 8, 2022

Full Punch and WIRTH Hats join forces on a recent project

Vancouver-based advertising agency Full Punch has collaborated with WIRTH Hats to help improve mental well-being by releasing a new cap that puts the Canadian mental wellness hotline number top of mind, literally.

One in four Canadians experience mental health problems. That's a staggering number, up 25% from one in five in 2021, and it doesn't look like it will get better any time soon. As if those statistics weren't scary enough, if you work in the advertising industry, you're three times more likely to experience anxiety or depression than the general population.


"Stats show that better visibility of mental health hotlines increases calls by as much as 25%," said  "So we teamed up with WIRTH to put the Canadian mental wellness hotline number somewhere it's always with you, whenever you need it."

Chris Zawada, Partner, Head of Creative Full Punch 

Created in memory of Jakob Wirth, who lost his life to suicide, WIRTH Hats is a company whose sole purpose is improving mental health. Every hat WIRTH sells sponsors a free counselling session for someone in need.

"We've been looking to add a more actionable piece like this to our collection for a while. What's so great about this hat is that it has a clear call-to-action—to call for help if you're feeling the strain."

Ben Miller, co-founder WIRTH Hats

In addition to the unconventional approach of placing a support line on a hat, the design utilizes green, the international colour for mental health awareness, paired with bright yellow, promoting happiness and optimism in the observer.

"These hats are designed to grab people's attention, offering a much-needed lifeline in an industry where mental health resources can be challenging to track down"

Chris Zawada, Partner, Head of Creative Full Punch 

Full Punch is confident the collaboration will start an honest discussion around mental health and encourage those who need help to pick up the phone and have a chat.

"We hope the hats open the door for more conversation about positive mental hygiene in advertising and beyond. Aside from providing tangible free counselling sessions for those who need them, the hats will help create an allyship that, sadly, is currently missing from our industry."

Mike Leslie, President, Partner 

Together we can help make the industry we love better.

Buy a hat. Give a chat. hotlinehat.com