Giving Fairtrade a Fair Shake

Creative Agency TUX and Equifruit new message for mindful(ish) consumers

April 21, 2021


Do-gooders get a bad rap. Even the name inspires mostly negative connotations, but doing good can be fun. Trust us, or better yet, trust Equifruit and TUX Creative Co. who have created a new campaign to show the fun side of do-goodery, we think you’ll go bananas for it.

Equifruit is a women-led. Quebec-based, Fairtrade-certified banana importer that wanted to appeal to that ever elusive market: Millennials and Gen Z. The thing about these generations of shoppers is that they are often eco-conscience, at least on the outside; however, if you peel that away and examine their buying habits you’ll find they’re a little rotten.

“There is so much paradox in today's youth culture,” says Stacy Gagnidze, TUX Senior Creative Strategist. “We march for environmental change only to buy into wasteful seasonal packaging when the holidays come. Instead of seeing these contradictions as something shameful, we chose to adopt a similar attitude. Equifruit lives at the intersection of doing good and having fun.”

TUX designed a bright, playful aesthetic that is homespun and collage-like in execution. It inspires conversation commanding editorial text that attracts while making you think. Doing good never looked so good.

About TUX Creative Co.              
Obsessed with creativity that has been growing businesses since 2010, TUX Creative Co. is dedicated to producing work that cuts through the clutter, rises above the commonplace and challenges consumer indifference. TUX has launched international campaigns, repositioned major players and built brands from scratch to break through the noise in virtually every category. Since 2019, TUX is a certified B Corporation® and is proudly accountable for doing business in a better way. Actively pursuing the well-being of its staff, communities and the environment, TUX helps the brands they work with do so as well.

About Equifruit 
Equifruit is a group of diehard believers in ethical fruit sourcing. Established in 2006, Equifruit is Canada’s leading Fairtrade-certified banana importer. They are a growing produce aisle sweetheart with current distribution in Quebec and Ontario. Equifruit bananas are found in IGA, Rachelle Béry, Avril, Lufa Farms, and other independent stores across the province. Stay tuned for their worldwide Fairtrade banana domination.