Glenda Rissman is loving the art of the challenge

Solution: Found

December 23, 2019


Glenda Rissman is Co-founding Partner of q30 design inc. in Toronto

Glenda prides herself on having a knack for spotting that certain something that makes a brand unique and sets her clients apart from the pack. Since co-founding q30 design over 25 years ago, Glenda has acted as account manager, art director, and the partner in charge of operations. Throughout her career, Glenda’s used her resourcefulness, tenacity, and creativity to ensure that clients are heard and satisfied. Her print and digital portfolio includes communications work for some of the largest organizations in North America, along with brands like Canada Post, Ontario Hospital Association, Health Quality Ontario, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

When we asked Glenda - a recent AA Student Awards judge - what work she would like to share with our readers, she chose the rebrand for an arts-based organization with a dash of nostalgia. This project is a perfect example to end this decade and set a new year's resolution to remember the craftsmanship in our industry, and to nuture the creativity within us and amongst us ... you know, those little things that can't be replaced with technology. 



Open Studio is a cooperative artistic community dedicated to the art of printmaking. Since their inception almost 50 years ago they had grown and evolved tremendously. Inspired by the union of traditional print techniques and contemporary expression, the new identity symbolizes the experience offered at Open Studio. The name in their logo fit comfortably within an off-set square, which represented the notion of repetition, an integral part of the printmaking process.



The solution ultimately became a canvas to highlight the work of the artists. The outcome is fresh and ownable, with an unusual colour palette, a flexible grid and very adaptive templates with the work of the artist as the focal point.