Good Design for Goodfood

Barry Quinn Announces New Design-Based Creative Agency Quake

March 28, 2022


Founder and Chief Creative Barry Quinn has announced the launch of a new design-based creative agency Quake. The aptly named agency seeks to embrace “change and disruption” which is perhaps no surprise given the firm was introduced during a time of global pandemic and crisis when things haven’t been very firm.

“The time was ripe to open up shop amidst pandemic times and chaotic cultural change. Especially now, change is extremely challenging—but it is also the lifeblood of business,” said Quake Founder and Creative Chief Barry Quinn. “We explore the ideas and people driving change. We start each and every client partner relationship with three questions: ‘What quakes are changing you? What quakes are you creating that will change others? Are you prepared for what happens next?”

The Toronto-based office has brought together a team with diversified work and life experiences. With decades of international and Canadian experience, Quake’s first reverberation is a complete rebranding of Goodfood, Canada’s leading meal kit and grocery delivery firm. The rebrand includes a refreshed colour palette and illustrations that blend botanical woodcuts with the striking nature of vector art.

“The team at Quake has helped us to elevate our branding and design to own our position in the grocery industry as a stand-out DTC online grocery company,” said Lauren Turchet, Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications, Goodfood. “The team is incredibly collaborative, strategic and creative which provided the perfect combination to redefine our brand image.”

Quake's leader Quinn has had a celebrated career recently serving as the Chief Design Officer for DDB North America. He was a co-founder of Juniper Park, growing the agency over the course of ten years, and was a partner at Grip Limited and design director at Gee Jeffery & Partners Advertising.

“Brand experience is greater than the brand aesthetic. Design is the OS of any brand—it’s how people interact and understand your brand,” said Quinn. “The world is the ultimate disrupter. Many clients are terrified of change. We welcome them, their challenges and fears and we invite the most interesting problems to come to us. This constant status of quake and change is exhausting, but it also creates opportunities for brands to become what people want, need and love.”

About Quake:
Quake is an international design-based creative agency that lives at the intersection of design, brand and advertising. The agency exists to create brands that are unmistakable in a relentless world. For Quake, the brand experience is greater than the brand aesthetic. The agency upholds that design is the OS of any brand and it’s how people interact and understand and experience the brand. Quake approaches design solutions by mapping a brand across four Macro Forces: cultural, technological, economic and environmental. You don’t have to create the disruption, but you must embrace the changes that will change you. How you react to disruption predicts your success.