Good Taste and Good Tasting

Collective Arts Brewing + Distilling Redesigns the World's Most Refreshing Art Gallery

May 4, 2022


Since 2013, Collective Arts Brewing + Distilling has been the pioneer in combining top flight brews and spirits with top talent artists. Built on the belief that “creativity fuels creativity” they certainly have the track record, with an incredible collection of limited-edition labels by creatives from around the world (including a number of Applied Arts Awards winners) lining their libations over the years. But this track record and success has also inspired a slew of, well, let’s say inspired brands.

So, how does an OG stand out in a crowd of upstarts? How do they shake up their brand without exploding what has made them so great? A delicate balancing act, ready-made for a craft brewery used to measuring and mixing elements to perfection.

“‘Make the logo bigger’ may be the solution for some,” says Creative Director, Steve St. Jean, “but instead, we focused on a purpose-built design system that maximizes the works of art we feature while ensuring our brand is also front and centre—no matter what side of the can a customer sees.”

When beautiful and ever-changing art is one of your brand’s strengths it is hard to argue with a redesign that places even more emphasis on it with a framed "brand box" that calls out the beer name, style and ABV, just as it appears on a draft list at a local bar. The revamped side panel prominently features Collective Arts Brewing + Distilling branding with an oversized logotype, brand story, beer information, and invites artists to submit their art to their Global Call For Art.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be synesthete to enjoy the taste of this flavour-filled art gallery.