Happy Hybrid Holidays

XD Agency Creates a Hybrid Holiday Card for a Hybrid Year

December 20, 2021


From hybrid home/work spaces to hybrid viruses, it’s been another weird one. Atlanta-based XD Agency is taking the hybridity and weirdness to another level with their unique take on the annual holiday card.

An email prompts you to select which hybrid creature best represents this somewhat monstrous year. Once you’ve claimed your cryptid you can generate a postcard that best suits you and share it to social.

“It’s been a wild year for event marketers. We’ve endured (what we hope is) the worst of the pandemic, and we’ve seen our industry grow and evolve as a result,” says Anna Mader, XDA head of creative. “If any term has entered the social vernacular this year for us, it’s the idea of the hybrid event. The goal with our hybrid holiday card was to lighten the mood, make everyone crack a smile, and celebrate the past year—in all its strange, hybrid glory."

Here’s hoping your holidays aren’t too beastly, but, even if they are, at least you have a hybrid beast buddy to keep you company.