With the help of Crew Food & Beverage Marketing Partners, there’s really no limit.

March 7, 2022


Every year, Crew Food & Beverage Marketing Partners holds an event called “Good Day” where they shut down their offices and focus solely on creating strategies, aimed at doing good with great brands—absolutely free. Sponsored by FCC, Canada’s only lender 100% committed to Canadian food & beverage brand, 5-10 lucky clients get to experience the full force of Crew’s seasoned team of marketers and award-winning creatives as they create impact initiatives for their brands.  

This year’s Good Day produced impactful work for Fatso Peanut Butter that challenges the labels we all put on each other by highlighting stigmatizing language around addiction issues,  right on the jar. For Susgrainable (a sustainable flour brand) Crew leaned into the fact that in  Canada half the food we produce goes to waste. This sparked the idea for “The Half Cookie”  which is to be sold to highlight this astonishing insight. Om Organics Skincare is passionate about the fight against animal testing, and so “The Beagle Project” was born. And it didn’t stop there!  

Crew dug deep into rich cultural insights and market data to develop meaningful impact strategies for a total of nine impact-focused brands. In the end, it wasn’t just a good day, it was a great day!  

If you want to find out what impact looks like for your brand, register for Good Day 2022 at today.