Laptops wreak havoc in new CleanMyMac campaign

May 11, 2021


As we save our 1000th file to our desktop labeled .v1_v2_v3.5_final.FINAL_FINAL.psd we can relate to this new campaign by TBWA\Helsinki for CleanMyMac.

The campaign portrays the worst possible scenarios for your Mac to be bogged down by unused bits. You can’t save the planet if your hard drive is screaming for relief.

"Because the Mac is such an outstanding computer, its users held a general belief that it requires no additional maintenance software. But even the greatest computer might need a little help from time to time. This is where CleanMyMac steps in, clearing unnecessary junk and speeding up slow Macs. We found that demonstrating this would be the best way to build trust between us and the consumer," says Halyna Kuzmovych, Brand Manager at CleanMyMac.

We need to trust our Macs not to crash while laying out pages, let alone disarming a bomb!

“We trust our computers to solve any given problem at command. But what would happen, if our trusted Macs failed us at the worst possible moment? Imagining the worst-case scenario is always fun, because the characters are extremely relatable. We’re all lazy until it bites us in the backside,” says Emma Kanninen, Copywriter at TBWA\Helsinki

The delightfully disastrous spots were directed by Nalle Sjöblad and produced by Mjölk. Now where did we save that file?

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a comprehensive macOS cleanup, protection, and speedup solution designed to make digital life simpler. Started out as a student project by Oleksandr Kosovan back in 2008, now CleanMyMac is one of the most popular cleaning and maintenance software products on the market with 20M+ downloads. In 2020, CleanMyMac X received the prestigious iF Design Award and won Hackernoon’s Noonies Award in the “Just Really Cool Tech, Really” category.


MacPaw makes popular utility software for macOS and iOS. With 12 years on the market and 10+ apps in its product line, MacPaw has more than 30 million users worldwide. The company won the iF Design Award for CleanMyMac X, the Red Dot Award for Gemini 2, and the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award for Setapp. Fast Company named Setapp one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Europe for 2019.

Campaign credits:

Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Marco Mäkinen, Executive Vice President
Jyrki Poutanen, Chief Creative Officer
Erno Reinikainen, Executive Creative Director
Annika Baidin, Account Director
Maija Naumanen, Account Manager
Ville Ohtonen, Creative Director
Nelli Immonen, Art Director
Emma Kanninen, Copywriter
Teemu Lappalainen, Senior Creative
Tommi Selander, Graphic Designer
Miika Luoma, Director, Media & Audiences
Ville Ruokonen, Planner

Production: Mjölk
Frej Karlson, Producer
Nalle Sjöblad, Director
Max Smeds, DOP
Editor: Aleksi Raij
Sound Design: Akseli Soini
Petri Falkenberg, Color grading

Client: CleanMyMac
Halyna Kuzmovych, Brand Marketing Manager
Marina Lisnyakovskaya, Product Marketing Manager
Ivan Kuziv, Chief Marketing Officer
Aleksandr Pronsky, Design Lead