Keep It Simple Smarty

New Kwikset Campaign with Mythbusters' Adam Savage from SCS

November 8, 2021


In an era of sort-of-self-driving cars and refrigerators that can send an email, technology is both wonderful, and occasionally wonderfully complex. The new campaign from Kwikset, the door hardware business that has been adorning doors since 1946, teamed with SCS and everyone’s favourite tech nerd Adam Savage to show that their doors are smart, but simple too.

“Coming to the market at this point in time with a fully integrated brand effort makes perfect sense for Kwikset, as the brand has never been stronger and our products are delivering extra value for people adapting to changing environments at home and at work,” said Matt Zimmer, Vice President Marketing - Security Hardware at Spectrum Brands.

“And by building a campaign straight from the core features and benefits of our products, the ‘Smarter Kind of Simple’ campaign really does a great job communicating what we do for our customers every day in security and reliability, in style and design, and in the kind of innovation that is intuitive and second nature to use. Doing it with a little personality is what makes it a Kwikset campaign,” he said.

Savage plays the perfect foil to actor Chivonne Michelle, as he extolls the cool techy parts of the product, while she demonstrates the simplicity of its use.  “Adam has that fun and uniquely innovative side of technology that fits perfectly with Kwikset’s own personality,” SCS Chief Creative Officer John Zegowitz said.  “It’s the kind of technology that we can all geek out on, and it’s seriously strong and effective, too.”

The campaign will run on broadcast television, CTV, paid and native social content, and display advertising throughout the end of 2021 and into the summer of 2022, and will utilize SCS’s proprietary Marketing Intelligence Platform which tracks real-time marketing data to generate marketing results for Fortune 1000 brands through Media, Creative, Content, Social Media and Brand Services.


Client: Spectrum Brands / Kwikset
VP Marketing: Matt Zimmer
Sr. Brand Manager: Erik Glassen
Brand Manager: Mario Cardenas
Assistant Brand Manager: Teeanna Isaac
Product Specialist: Donnie Viajar
DCX Photographer: Bailey Woofter
DCX Photographer: Alex Obleas
Agency: SCS
Founder & CEO: James Schiefer
President & Chief Strategy Officer: Jeff Roach
SVP Brand Solutions: Tommy Campagne
Chief Creative Officer: John Zegowitz
Executive Producer: Catherine Gudvangen
Content Producer: Dave DeSantis
Creative Director/Copywriter: Ryan Simonson
Sr Art Director: David Kania
Art Director: Amy Higgins
Junior Copywriter: Schuyler Vanderveen
SVP Media: Andres Torrente
Associate Media Director: Marvell Lam
Integrated Media Supervisor: Kat Pearson
Director Project Management: Lauren Harvey
Production House: STEPT
Directors: Varsity / John Marisco & Ben McManus