Kirk Clyne's 'So Smart' Solution

Science meets art to triumph in a dog-eat-dog market

April 7, 2020


Kirk Clyne is Chief Creative Officer at Art & Science in Toronto, ON  

Kirk is also the co-founder of Art & Science, a digital experience design agency based in Toronto. With over 25 years of experience in digital media, a burgeoning art career, and time spent as a university instructor, he straddles the worlds of art, design and development. At Art & Science, Kirk leads his team in the creation of websites, brands, campaigns and experiential installations. He also programs and exhibits real-time, animated, generative artworks.

Kirk also just finishing judging our Design Awards – a position for which his CV made him obviously qualified. Note: winner's to be announced shortly!

We invited Kirk to share a recent project with our readers, and he chose one that demonstrates both that straddling of art, design and development ... and the success stories that the marriage of art and science has enabled in our uber-connected economy. Talk about attracting eyeballs. This fun campaign has you gluing yours to the screen ... over and over, just like a game. Not just smart. So smart (sorry, pun intended). Take a peek (oops, another one!):


Project: ecobee So Smart

"Last Black Friday, Art & Science produced this playful, eye-catching campaign for smart home device maker ecobee." 

"These animated narratives combine common household objects with quirkier ones, like toy robots, and llama-shaped piñatas. Each story always begins with an ecobee device, and ends with money appearing out of thin air."


"Our So Smart campaign resulted in the best Black Friday ever 'by far' for our client, delivering a 40% sales boost over previous campaigns, while ecobee’s competitors 'resorted to incredibly deep discounting in a vain attempt to keep pace'.”

"We love the charming, isometric artwork produced by our in-house designers Alyssa George and Dylan Rozario. (The ecobee team loved the illustrations too, turning them into laptop stickers and posters!)"