Know more - No more

New work from 123w Breast Cancer Canada

October 12, 2022

Know more - No more

Vancouver based agency 123w created a clever campaign for Breast Cancer Canada which launched in time for Breast Cancer month, October 2022. The agency's goal was to showcase the amazing progress that has been made in cancer research to end cancer. The campaign, titled "Know More Breast Cancer", plays on "Know" and "No" as a double meaning, know more in order for no more cancer. The more we know about breast cancer the more we can put an end to it! 

“We needed a big change, and to evolve like precision oncology has. We’ve funded life-saving research and made so much progress, we wanted our brand to better reflect it.”

Says Kimberly Carson, CEO of Breast Cancer Canada (BCC) 


The 360 campaign launches with an emotional :60s spot that inter-slices research with patient experiences, featuring both breast cancer survivors and actors. The spot features a VO simply saying “No More” repeatedly, only paying off the double meaning at the end. Print, OOH, social and a new website round out the campaign featuring both researchers and patients with lines like “Behind every survivor is a researcher on a mission,” aiming to show the power of research, and the hopefulness of their charity.

All this is in hopes that more people will donate, as Kimberly reminds us:

“We want people to see this campaign, and see that their donations are making a difference, and literally saving lives.”

So please share and donate if you can.



Agency: One Twenty Three West

Founder & Creative Director: Rob Sweetman

Partner & Creative Director: Mo Bofill

VP/Managing Director: Caroline Howson

Art Director: Marie Cermakova

Copywriter/Creative Director: Addie Gillespie

Designer: Teresa Tam

Copywriter: Carla Hawkins

Producer: Emily Smillie

Coordinator: Bailey Trudgeon

Production Company: Feels Like Home

Executive Producer: Marni Luftspring-Belavin

Producer: Jen Walker

Director: Lucas Dabrowski

DOP: John Ker


Outsider Editorial

Producer: Kayan Choi

Editor: Sophia Lou

Assistant Editor: Kelsey Dale-McGrath


Producer: Matthew Griffiths

Artist: Sam Giling @sgllng

Online: Mikka Quinsac @__mikka

VFX/CG: JM Chadillon @blkrcat

Audio:  Boombox @bboxsound

EP: Umber Hamid @umber_hamid

Producer: Drew Thomas @okayitsdrew

Voice Director: KG

Music Producer: Chris Stiliadis @chrisstiliadis

Engineer: Quinn Hoodless


Photographer: Tyler Bowditch, Dina Roudman

Assists: Derek Samaha

Wardrobe: Lauren Walker Lee

Wardrobe Assist: Donna Ashley


User Experience: Andrea Tam

Creative Director: Justin Close

Producer: Matthew DeWaal

Copywriter:  Beth Gerrad, Addie Gillespie

Development: Agency1