Kyosuke Nishida lets the Tiger out

Evolving a leading brand meets the evolution of graphic design

March 23, 2020


Kyosuke Nishida is Associate Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design in Toronto, ON  

Since joining the BMD studio in 2012, he has worked on brand identities, communications, and digital executions for both commercial and non-profit organizations. Kyo’s clients include ASICS, Design Society, Madison Wells Media, Hullmark, and Netflix. He holds a BFA in graphic design from Concordia University and a BLit in Theatre and Film from Waseda University in Japan.

Kyo is currently busy judging our Design Awards. What made him a perfect choice to join the jury is evident in the project he sent us to share. Design projects now are often not just about developing a new identity or creating a single piece of collateral. They are often a combination of identity, packaging, environmental and/or other areas of graphic design, as well as a merger with promotional elements that would have traditionally been under the umbrella of advertising. It's a whole new canvas, and one that's challenging the creative world to be ever-more creative. 

Kyo's solution to take what would have been another-sports-shoe-within-a-known-brand identity project in the 90s to the multi-dimensional, global project it is today is indicative of not only his skills as a creative director, but the challenges ... and immense opportunities ... for graphic designers today. It's literally like letting a tiger out of its cage. Nice work if you can get it. Take a peek at Kyo's Tiger:



"After working closely with ASICS on previous brand projects, BMD was asked to work on the ASICS Tiger brand - a platform for contemporary sports lifestyle, inspired by the company's iconic designs of the 70s, 80s and 90s."


"Expanding upon the ASICS seminal logo, the new brand identity for ASICS Tiger acts as a link between the label’s heritage and contemporary culture."

"The brand system is inspired by overlapping wild postings on the streets, and is applied through the use of bold brand photography, layered over large-scale type. BMD worked with Kontrapunkt to develop a new typeface that merges the geometry of the ASICS logo, with updated typographical components."


"We considered how the ASICS Tiger brand comes to life in retail environments, and designed key brand elements for the launch concept store in Osaka. These feature elements have formed the core retail package, as ASICS Tiger continues to roll out across stores globally.This new identity gives a new life to the brand’s most iconic visual assets."