Le Blanc Bec by lg2 MTL

A new space to enjoy local products

August 9, 2022

Le Blanc Bec by lg2 MTL

L'ITHQ (L'Institut de Tourisme et Hôtellerie du Québec), Canada's leading educational institution for tourism, hotel and restaurant services, had a mission to promote Quebec’s gastronomic culture by showcasing local products in their school's main floor bar. They teamed up with the Quebec Dairy Farmers Association to refresh their venue, their aim was to make it the go-to destination in Montreal, one where local products such as wines and cheeses from Quebec and the rest of Canada are there to discover. Enter lg2 - the lg2 Montreal team renamed the space, created the visual identity and it's custom interior design. 

“The design of the ITHQ’s new bar Le Blanc Bec integrates noble materials such as white oak, concrete, quartz and steel. The light colours create a wonderful luminosity while the black of the steel reinforces the minimalist aspect. The rounded surfaces and the variety of seating ensure a more inviting space that all the Institute’s eclectic clientele will appreciate."

Hélène Fortin, Partner, Architect, lg2



“From the outset, we wanted a very current, user-friendly concept that would showcase Quebec products. We also wanted this redesign to be in keeping with the excellence that the ITHQ, the largest hospitality school in Canada, has always embodied. We’ve achieved these objectives with lg2’s collaboration, and our clientele can now enjoy a new, trendy and inviting bar that meets the highest standards.”

  Liza Frulla, ITHQ CEO and Director, PC, CM, OQ


Every aspect of the redesign was considered;  the logo, in the shape of a half wheel of cheese, the yellow-ochre corrugated metal ceiling- reminiscent of certain cheeses, the eye catching cheese display case. The result is a modern, slick and homogeneous overall re-brand. 




Should you be in Montreal this summer check out Le Blanc Bec - their menu.

Congratulations lg2 MTL on this successful re-brand!