Les Usherwood Collection & Font Memorabilia Available

June 25, 2018

Les Usherwood Collection & Font Memorabilia Available


Attention, typography collectors: a former graphic arts technician is selling a series of posters and other memorabilia he collected while working for Les Usherwood throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s. 


Below is the list of what's available. He has original working proofs of Usherwood work as well as collectible type-specking tools and memorabilia from Cooper & Beatty and Base Line.


1. 8 Usherwood Font Posters (original)
2. One of the original Caxton Poster Proofs (line art for the printer)
3. One of the original proofs for ad agency Chevrolet Celebrity
4. One final proofing print of "Have You Taken A Good Look At Your Face Lately?
5. One Neo Headliner one-line font samples for Headline fonts
6. One Typomark - C&Bs original type and line specification to tool

7. One Typograf - C&Bs original type and line wheel which goes with the Bedford Type Books
8. One Typsettra film font measuring and line measure scale
9. One Techni Process original Process Typography book
10. One Techni Process Tornitype Keyboard Film Corporation
11. One Lettraset type book
12. One type spec chart for Bedford Type Books
13. One type book insert for C&Bs Font book (53 new Fototronic Alpabets)
14. A collection of 20 ITC Font Books
15. A collection of ITC Typographic Quarterly Magazines from 1972 to 1985
16. 3 copies of the Orb a Si-Fi - martial arts comic book


If you're interested, please contact njchaykoski [at] hotmail.com.