Lisa Lebedovich: where there's a will

Creative Challenges Ignite Creativity

November 21, 2019


Lisa Lebedovich, creative director at Will in Vancouver  

Will Creative, Vancouver BC, Art Director

"Some of my favourite projects are ones where I’ve been told it’s not possible, and then we go ahead and make it possible." With over 18 years of advertising experience, Lisa has created standout campaigns for local and international brands across all client categories and media. During her career, she has worked at some of Canada’s top agencies including Rethink, TAXI, Cossette, and Will where she leads the agency’s advertising mandates for clients like Happy Planet, Lululemon, Bulletproof, and Stanley Park Brewing. Lisa has won numerous awards for her work including The One Show, Cannes, London International Advertising Awards, ADCC, The Clios and The Marketing Awards. Her work has been featured in Communication Arts, Lurzer’s Archive as well as on the cover of Applied Arts.

Lisa recently judged our Advertising Awards, and when we asked her to share some of her own work with our readers, she chose some personal favourites - two ad campaigns where the project challenge was the force behind the creative.


“Paris, Amy, Tom”

Client:, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise

For this online entertainment magazine we created a series of ads working with artists and craftspeople from all over North America on a shoestring budget. These posters touch on the love-hate celebrity dilemma – we love them, yet we also love to see them fail.


“Walk on Water”

Client: Science World

Science World, Walk on Water

Hundreds of people attempted to walk on water during this stunt we created outside of Science World as part of the ‘We can explain’ campaign. The water was mixed with two tonnes of corn starch, turning it into a non-Newtonian liquid. That means if you took hard quick steps you could make it across the tank – otherwise you’d sink into the goop.

Science World, Walk on Water

Science World, Walk on Water