Live Mess

Director Mashie Alam in Collaboration with Dentsu One Create a Beautiful Mess for Taco Bell

March 14, 2022


Everyone knows to truly enjoy yourself, heck, to truly be yourself, you need to get a bit messy. Sterile and squeaky clean, are good for hospitals, but not great for personalities, and especially not great for snacks. Dentsu One and one of Soft Citizen’s latest citizens, director Mashie Alam embrace the mess with a wonderfully vibrant new spot for Taco Bell that see’s folks embracing a bit of spilled sauce, as well as their inner mess. Live más? More like, live mess.


Client: Taco Bell
Title: A Beautiful Mess
Agency: Dentsu One
Creative Director: Adam Notzi- Keyser, Bernice Lo
Senior Art Director: Maryann Tenaglia
Senior Writer: Tyler Copoc
Art Director: Louise Delfin
Copy Writer: Nikeetaa Ghaneckar
Managing Director: Laurie Feeman
Group Director: Carly Andrews
Exec Producer: Eva Preger, Link York, Rob Burns, Jaclyn Morga
Director: Mashie Alam
Producer: Mel Stojanovski
DOP: Peter Hadfield
Prod Manager: Sebastian Mirecki
Ass Producer: Scott Fretwell
Casting: Jigsaw
Post Production: Nimiopere
Exec Producer: Julie Axel
Editor: Raj Ramnauth
Asst. Editor: Paula Hicks
Online/VFX /Colour: Studio Feather
Executive Producer: Sarah Windrim
Producer: Rebeca Ortiz
Music House: Grayson
Track Director: Tyson Kuteyi
Exec Prod: Nicholas Shaw