New work by Design Army

Tutu Takeover for Hong Kong Ballet's 45th Anniversary

June 24, 2024

New work by Design Army

Hong Kong Ballet's 45th Anniversary “TUTU ACADEMY” campaign by Design Army and directed by Dean Alexander oozes creative excellence - it inspires one to run to the ticket office for a seat at the next performance. See for yourself...

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hong Kong Ballet—and the opening of its first-ever ballet academy—Design Army conceived a crazy inventive campaign that celebrates the universal language of dance. Wholly authentic to Hong Kong culture—while mashing inspiration from Degas’ ballerina portraits, the Renaissance age, and artistic hip hop—the film reimagines classic ballet like you’ve never seen. From the wildly witty “Tutu Academy” to the sci-fi extraterrestrial, it’s a defiantly unconventional, joyful journey connecting everyone—even aliens—to dance’s unearthly magic.

The 50+ renowned troupe leads a Hong Kong tutu take-over — from its renowned university halls to Tai Kwun’s stunning plaza and majestic High Island Reservoir. Eye-popping colour, gravity-defying moves, sheer beauty, and weirdness collide with koi fish-inspired hairdos, punk rockers on pointe, a jelly-like gold-toothed alien, and a tutu-wearing spaceship ending. Always at the forefront, never standing still—this campaign freshly defines Hong Kong Ballet.

Design Army, Hong Kong Ballet

Designing every quirky detail, Design Army played with graphic scale (from bird’s eye shots to silhouettes against architecture), circular repetition mimicking tutus at every turn, texture, sound, music and more. From Johann Strauss’ classic The Blue Danube Waltz to hip-hopping ballerinas backdropped by Hong Kong culture, every element brings the delightfully unexpected.

Hong Kong Ballet

Inspired by Degas’ beautiful ballerina portraits, the agency playfully wondered what the artist’s work would look like if they brought it to life today. The result is a story popping with the painter’s gorgeous coral hues mixed with Hong Kong’s heritage red—all juxtaposed with vivid shades of juicy jade, like the head-toe painted alien, that explode with extraterrestrial contrast.

When culture and Art intersect greatness happens, congratulations to the Design Army team!