OK Dairy. Dairy, OK.


August 12, 2021


Traditional ads for dairy tend to focus on the pastoral aspects of pasteurization: shots of cattle, early morning farms, and salt-of-the-earth individuals who do the work to bring that bottle to your table. These are often wonderful campaigns, however, what is often missing from these ads is just how diverse and wide-ranging the tastes of real dairy products can be.

TAXI, BC Dairy, dairy, advertising

Vancouver-based agency TAXI and BC Dairy want to change the perception of dairy, especially among a younger demographic that is more affected by outside and inside influences that may make them worry about what they are putting into their shopping cart or coffee. The new campaign wants you to go with your gut, quite literally, and trust the choices you make for yourself.

“The taste and versatility of real milk and dairy products can’t be beat.” Says Jennifer Woron, Director of Marketing for BC Dairy. “We want people who enjoy products made with BC milk to feel great choosing them.”

“Simply put, this campaign owns pure certainty,” says James Sadler, ECD of TAXI Vancouver, “and by exuding boldness and confidence, we want to empower people to keep enjoying the things they love, including milk and dairy products, without being held back by what other people might think.”

TAXI, BC Dairy, dairy, advertising

The campaign will run over the course of the next year from August to July with four different themes, and will be video-focused, airing in cinemas, but predominantly on digital platforms. The videos feel far more MTV than 4-H and that’s the point.

“It’s a shift in direction for the brand but one meant to strengthen connections with a younger demographic who don’t always choose milk and dairy first. This is a very discerning group of people which motivates our teams to push beyond category conventions and create something truly unique,” says Lizzie Dabous, Managing Director of TAXI Vancouver. “We’re able to do this when we’ve built a strong and trusting partnership between BC Dairy, TAXI and our media partners, OMD.”

About TAXI

TAXI is a North American brand and customer experience agency that harnesses creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands. Founded in 1992, its principal offices are in Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, and New York. TAXI works with client partners including Canadian Tire, VW, Audi, Canada Life, Vancity, and BC Dairy. For more information, visit agency.taxi. TAXI is part of the VMLY&R network and a WPP company (NYSE: WPP).

About BC Dairy Association 

BC Dairy Association (BC Dairy) is a not-for-profit organization representing British Columbia’s dairy farmers. BC Dairy is dedicated to educating British Columbians about milk, dairy farming and nutrition through school programs and community outreach. The association also advocates for, and supports, BC dairy farmers through initiatives that promote a vibrant and sustainable industry that supplies high quality milk to consumers.