One Shady Tree


October 29, 2021


Remember those talking apple trees from The Wizard of Oz? Imagine if they had the personality of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets and you’ll have an idea of Angry Orchard’s new, not so sweet and rather tetchy tree.

To celebrate the fact that Angry Orchard is dedicated to a pure cider experience, with their Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider being made with 50% less sugar than their competitors, they’ve worked with agency partner Arrivals+Departures to animate their Angry Orchard apple tree, and bring the brand’s most recognizable element to cantankerous life.

The new campaign features a 12-foot-tall talking tree installation that surprises people, not unlike Dorothy and Scarecrow in Oz, with just how real, and just how sassy it can be.

“Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider tastes like biting into a real apple. It is made from culinary apples and traditional cider making apples creating a blend of medium-sweetness, and a crisp, bright flavour that is balanced—not overly sweet,” said Jessica Boland, Marketing Director Partner Brands at Moosehead Breweries. “We are excited to bring to life this personality that is representative of the attitude and authentic flavour of both our brand and the product.”

“No one should have to conform or settle for ‘just another cider.’ Not So Sweet is our rallying cry to flip the category on its head. What better way to loudly celebrate real, unapologetic quality than with a giant chirping tree? It’s a fun brand and this is a clever way to show the brand’s humour while reinforcing our core product promise,” said Jeff MacEachern, Chief Creative Officer of Arrivals+Departures.

So while the tree may not be real, it most certainly offers some serious shade.

About Moosehead Breweries Limited
Moosehead Breweries Limited (MBL) is the only Canadian-owned major brewery. The company is owned and managed by New Brunswick’s Oland family, since 1867. MBL shares a longstanding, fruitful partnership with The Boston Beer Company, for the Canadian distribution rights on top North American brands such as Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard and Samuel Adams.

About Arrivals + Departures
Arrivals + Departures is a creative agency with offices in Toronto and Halifax that helps brands navigate the changing world around them. A national, independently owned advertising agency, we harness the collective passion and perspective of our people to see the world differently for our clients’ brands. Established in 1997 and Small Agency of the Year winner in 2019, Arrivals + Departures works with leading companies including Moosehead Breweries, Fallsview Casino Resort, RE/MAX, goeasy, PetValu, RBC Ventures and Sabra Dips.