Photography and Illustration Winners Gallery Now Online

Creativity that couldn’t be locked down

April 22, 2021


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Myriam Wares, LA SOLIDAIRE, Packing Illustration - Single, 2021 Illustration Awards winner. 

The 2021 Photography and Illustration Award winners are now online in our Winners Gallery. Whether you choose to peruse the photos in our Photography gallery or pore over the images in our Illustration gallery, the one thing you are certain to find is an incredible diversity of talent among our winners.

“Unprecedented” is a word so well-worn by this point that it has lost all meaning, but the work presented to us this year returns the lost meaning. As one of our accomplished judges, the designer, author, illustrator and founder of DMCMTL, Danielle Murrell Cox, elaborates, “Considering everything that has been going on in 2020-2021…Seeing the artwork and photography that was entered was a breath of fresh air and a huge inspiration to keep at it!”

That’s exactly what our award-winning creatives did: they kept at it. They made work for their clients and themselves. They made moving and humorous images. They startled and inspired. They kept working; they stayed creative. Another one of our judges, Marcella Coad, creative director at Amazon, identified the power of this indefatigable creativity, “In seeing ALL the work that was done through COVID-19 and about COVID-19, there is a sense of connection and commonality of our human experience—it's a reminder that creativity is a great way to express ourselves, share stories and acknowledge that we're all in it together.”

The creative arts are the backbeat of our lives. They keep us rooted, they propel us forward and they bring us together. All of our winners had what independent graphic designer and one of our judges Clare Chow described as “a great sense of the little things.” So take a moment to get lost in our Winners Gallery. Unwind and revel in the little things that make life meaningful and magical and far from mundane.

Along with the online Winners Gallery. The winning work will be presented in all its splendour in our beautifully printed Summer Annual. For non-subscribers, the annual will be available at select newsstands in June. You won’t want to miss it.

As always we want to express our gratitude to our award sponsors VISTEK; our association partners CAPICGDC and RGD; and our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital Communications for their support.