Public Safety Canada Aims to Expose Realities of Human Trafficking

Created by Banfield and directed by Mark Zibert featuring the music of Billie Eilish

March 16, 2021


New national campaign seeks to highlight the realities and prevalence of human trafficking in Canada.

In this deeply affecting new campaign, Public Safety Canada strives to open the eyes of many Canadians and expose the realities of human trafficking. “Uncontained” presents the misconceptions versus the realities of human trafficking in a hauntingly directed spot, which was filmed during the COVID-19 restrictions. The couple portrayed is a real couple and only one of them is a professional actor. This intimacy, combined with emotive music of Billie Eilish, helps to breakdown what we think we know about human trafficking, which it turns out is very little.

applied arts, advertising, trafficking

Studies have shown that 95% of Canadians confused human trafficking with human smuggling. The shipping containers so often associated with the later gives way to the domesticity not often associated with the former, but that is what this campaign strives to address. The reality is almost 1/3 of human trafficking victims in Canada were trafficked by a current or former intimate partner.

applied arts, advertising, trafficking

“We were presented with a unique creative challenge for this project — one that meant confronting our team’s own misperceptions about human trafficking”, said Craig Lobban, Creative Director, Banfield Agency. “We wanted to create something relatable to the Canadian public — by evoking the common imagery many mistakenly associate with human trafficking — the shipping container. We debunk these misperceptions using the ‘Human Trafficking isn’t what you think it is’ campaign tagline and reveal that things sometimes aren’t what they seem between traffickers and victims.”

If you or someone you know may be in danger of human trafficking, call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-900-1010. Get the Facts. Know the Signs. Report it at


Campaign Title: Uncontained
Client: Public Safety Canada

Agency: Banfield Agency
Global Account Director: Kristal Felea
Director of Client Services: Veronique Gravel
Creative Director: Craig Lobban, Timothy Jones
Producer: Koa Padolsky
Strategy Director: Lindsay Gavey
Strategist: Mark Brownlee
Motion Designers: Devin Singleton, Brad Doyle, Madison Foran
Senior Writers: Derrick Outram, Sherry McPhail
Senior Designer: Stephen Pollock
Creative Designer: Katrin Emery
Junior Copywriter: Stephanie Heng-Yeoh
Graphic Artist: Greg Rouble
Photographer: Rémi Theriault, House of Common Studio
Translation: Christine Moisan, Aurélie Barbe

Production Company: Scouts Honour
Director: Mark Zibert
Producer/Executive Producers: Simon Dragland, Rita Popielak
Director of Photography: Mark Zibert, Eric Kaskens
Production Designer: Katherine Salnek
Production Manager: Brady MacIsaac
Production Coordinator: Chelsea Strachan
1st AC: Jackson Yeung
Wardrobe Stylist: Kate Day
Key Grip: Burke Goldstein
Gaffer: Sam Lebel-Wong

Casting: Jigsaw Casting
Casting Director: Shasta Lutz

Editorial/Offline: Outsider Editorial
Executive Producer: Denise Shearer
Editor: Michael Barker
Assistant Editor: Cam Anderson

Online/Visual Effects: The Vanity
Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington
Producer: Katie Methot
Lead VFX Artist: Andrew Farlow
VFX Artists: Adam Silcox-Vanwyk, Kaelem Cahill

Colour: Alter Ego
Senior Colourist: Wade Odlum
Senior Colour Assistant: Erik Bayley
Producer: Spencer Butt

Audio Director and Music Supervisor: Mark Rajakovic
Music: Billie Eilish “When the party’s over” (English) and Mark Rajakovic original composition (French)
Producer: Nicole Rajakovic
Sound Design: Vlad Nikolic
Mix: Brian Bernard
Mixed at Signal