Spread Some Holiday Queer

New work from TAXI & Egale shows how the holidays have always been a little queer

December 8, 2021


The holidays with their glittering ornaments, rainbow coloured twinkle lights, a dinosaur menorah, and more, are pretty high camp. Kitschmas aptly describes a Yuletide that has always been one of the queerest times of the year. But, as a new campaign from TAXI and Egale Canada shows, it's also one of the most difficult for 2SLGBTQI people.

“With the sparkle, glitter, and non-stop Mariah, the holiday season is a natural time to think about the queer community,” says Allen Kwong, Creative Director at TAXI. “So we wanted to get people thinking about the struggles that many 2SLGBTQI people face during the holidays and how to help.”

While we tend to only focus on 2SLGBTQI causes during Pride season, in a 2021 report from Egale Canada over 60% of 2SLGBTQI people surveyed say they feel unsafe to authentically be themselves during the holidays. Some are rejected from their families, turning a season sold as a time for renewed family bonds, into a painful, lonely reminder of just how tenuous those bonds can be.

The campaign is supported with CRM, social and wild postings rolling out throughout the month of December.

Directors: Raina+Wilson / FUZE
Music: Eggplant Music & Sound
Editing: Outsider Editorial
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About Egale Canada:
Egale is Canada’s leading organization for 2SLGBTQI people and issues. They improve and save lives through research, education, awareness, and by advocating for human rights and equality. Learn more at: http://egale.ca/belonging