Taking the Pulse of 2021 Young Blood Award Winners

Q&A with 2021 Illustration Awards Young Blood Winner Chloe Lukas

May 25, 2021


grass, dress, photography, blue, art, applied arts

Chloe Lukas, DEMURE, Young Blood Photography - Single, 2021 Photography Awards winner. 

Chloe Lukas is a Toronto born and based photographer and winner of a 2021 Photography Award in the Young Blood category. As you will see in her answers to our questions below, her work is informed by natural beauty and a her wanderlust. You can see more of Chloe’s work on her website here and on her Instagram here.

Can you walk us through the specifics of creating this piece (specific winning piece)? 

This image was captured during an emotional time for our family. It was a golden hour, and we were attempting to shake the heaviness and rawness by walking through fields. The concept of wearing the green dress in the field was spontaneous, but I saw a photographic opportunity with the late afternoon light, the waves of green grass and the stillness of our emotion that day. I stood on my toes and shot, this picture is my favourite from the afternoon. 

This image is testament to the connection I have with my family and their generosity supporting my art. 

How would you describe your artistic style? 

My process and artistic style are very natural and free flowing. I draw on personal experiences and welcome spontaneity. I enjoy the process of building an image in a controlled set, but I also enjoy capturing an image in a more raw form. I like to mix things up, be creative and bring energy to every shoot. 

What do you think is an issue in the world of  (photography/illustration….etc)? 

One issue that I see with the photo industry is that it can appear to be male-dominated. There is a lack of equality in the industry, more obvious perhaps to those of us entering our first days on a commercial set. I have had the privilege of working with female mentors who have shared their professional personal experiences, and have encouraged me to find my voice. There is a female community within the industry interested in having the same opportunities.

Where did you go to school? How did your scholastic experience shape your creative career? 

I graduated from Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Photography program one year ago and am now fortunate to be working professionally in the industry with clients in fashion, food, interior design and events. 

At Sheridan, I not only learned the fundamentals of photography, but also the history and the creative approach. The Sheridan professors are also industry professionals, so they were able to give us a clear idea of how the photography industry works. Sheridan was key to shaping my creative career. I take the skills I have gained from Sheridan’s program on set with me every time I shoot. I am grateful to have had a scholastic experience that exposed me to both creative and commercial sides of a fanciful industry. 

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in your field? 

My advice to someone who is just starting out in the commercial photo industry would be to shoot as much as you possibly can for yourself. Take the creative break you may need. Capture and create what you want to see in the industry.  

How do you stay creative/inspired? 

I am inspired by the world around me and the bright minds I am surrounded by in this industry. I feel fortunate to have the spirit of creativity and the desire to explore and see. 

I am inspired by light. I am constantly on the hunt for subjects highlighted at random. Finding little lit blessings on a daily basis is the seed for some of my creatives. 

I also stay inspired by creating a Visual Diary, a process shared with us at Sheridan. This Diary is full of images from photographers across the globe that you find inspiring. In the end you have a capsule of inspiration and notation that you can look back on and reflect upon and help you with your own creative process. 

What are your interests outside of work? 

A lot of my work is inspired from personal experiences. I love to travel, camp, swim and visit my families on their farms. Most of the time I spend outside of work is outdoors. I live as spontaneous and adventurous as I possibly can, and try to bring that forward in my images.