Taking the pulse with 2022 Young Blood Celeste Colborne

Q & A with this talented illustrator

August 20, 2022

Taking the pulse with 2022 Young Blood Celeste Colborne

The Earth Diver, Celeste Colborne


Introducing Celeste Colborne, 2022 Applied Arts Illustration Young Blood (a category for individuals and teams with less than five years in the industry) Award winner for her personal/unpublished work "About a Ghost".  Celeste, a prolific multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator, has worked for clients such as: Politico Europe, Canadian Wildlife Magazine, Readers Digest Canada, Thistledown Press, The Walrus and Teck Resources.


What is the hardest part when you are creating?

Finding a colour scheme. I was briefly mentored by Rebecca Green who showed me how to keep colours consistent and simple.

About a Ghost, Celeste Colborne.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in your field?

Continue to make art even when others don’t appreciate it. I had countless experiences during school that made me doubt my skill and value as an illustrator. My work didn’t resonate and wasn’t understood by most of my classmates. During my second year of school I had a teacher tell me I wasn’t a good fit for illustration and should look at another program. Yet, at graduation I got the silver medal because of my steadfast commitment to creating art. It’s okay to be the turtle in the fable of your life.

What do you wish people knew about your industry?

Freelance artists are also entrepreneurs and have all of the associated responsibilities.

Isolation, Celeste Colborne

If you could buy any work from any artist, who would it be?

Rae Klein.

"It's okay to be the turtle in the fable of your life", wise words Celeste we just may keep this saying on our writing desk. Thank you Celeste for participating in our Q&A!