The 2018 Winter Annual is Here!

December 12, 2018

The 2018 Winter Annual is Here!


 2018 Advertising winner. "Trust Your Taste." Lg2


It is with great excitement that we introduce our final issue of the year, the 2019 Advertising Awards Annual!


This annual is particularly significant to us here at Applied Arts, as it is our first with our new editor Will Novosedlik. For his debut, Will has introduced an honest, creative and engaging style of storytelling- as he does with all of his work. This is most evident when looking at our main feature for this issue, "The Herstory of Advertising."


For this piece, Will explores the post #MeToo world of advertising specifically, the experiences of women and how the industry challenges their actions and choices both in their personal lives and work environment. With interviews from top women creatives from Canada and abroad, the piece drives home the idea that the advertising world is always at the cusp of opportunity for pop culture, industry and history – and that diversity can only strengthen this.


In addition to Will’s feature, we also have a great series of columns from industry professionals: Lily Wang, Suzanne Pope and Rebecca Brown. On top of these editorial highlights, we have our 2019 Advertising Awards winners rounding out the issue! 


2018 Advertising winner. "Too Much Fun." Rethink.


Our winners showcase the best advertising work throughout the year and we can’t wait for you to see them produced over 140+ pages! Issues are expected to arrive in mailboxes within the week. You can also find copies at select newsstands in the upcoming weeks.


Below is a testimonial from one of our judges for the wining piece, “Destination Pride,” by FCB/SIX. "Destination Pride," is a data-driven mobile platform that reimagines the pride flag as a dynamic bar graph, then uses it to visualize the world's LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment. Take a look at the video below. 


2018 Ad winner. "Destination Pride." FCB/SIX


“This is the best work in the country this year. Makes me proud to be Canadian.” – Hannah Smit, CD at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam


The cover of our annual features, DDB Canada’s winning creative, “Speak Out For Those Who Can’t." The campaign was created for Crime Stoppers Toronto and is aimed to shed light on human trafficking where it is most prevalent – the airport. Learn more about the campaign here, when we covered it for its launch back in May.





Stay tuned to check out our Winner’s Gallery. If you would like to purchase an extra copy of our annual, please contact customer service.


Thank you to everyone who entered in our awards and to our subscribers and readers. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.