The Big Reveal

Winners of the 2024 Photography and Illustration Awards

March 6, 2024

The Big Reveal

A huge applause goes out to everyone who entered their work in the 2024 Photography & Illustration Awards! This year's jury was impressed with the talent they saw in photography, illustration, and motion, especially the new, fresh talent who submitted their work to the Young Blood categories. We can't wait to show off the winning work. Since we are in production of the annual and online gallery, for now take a look at the 113 artists and firms that were lucky enough to have their work selected by the 2024 Photography & Awards Jury.


The winning projects were obvious. In addition to impeccable technique, they stand out for their originality and that je-ne-sais-quoi that makes us feel an emotion.

Mélissa Charland, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Publicis Montreal


The judges were divided into groups, each viewing a different and random group of entries. Each judge reviewed and scored the entries separately, giving an entry one single score based on three criteria only: creative merit, technical excellence, and suitability for end use in the category it was submitted to. The result of 177 winning entries met or exceeded the cut-off score will be celebrated in our Summer Annual and in our online winner’s gallery later this month. For non-subscribers, the annual will be available at select newsstands in July, or pre-order your copy here.


Felix Renaud

"Saturated" is a 2023 winning entry from Félix Renaud, a 2024 Photography Awards winner.

2024 Photography & Illustration Winners List (*Multiple Award-Winner)


Ayesha Rana
Carl Wiens
Carson Ting
Daniel Shpuntov
DDB Canada*
Fatinha Ramos
Gabriel Masella
Gu Xihe
Jiajue (Jojo) Wang
Jieru Tang
Juniper Park\TBWA
Katerina Lyadova*
Kirstin Smith*
Leo Burnett Toronto
Little Stone Studio
Manuel Kilger
Mek Frinchaboy
Mustaali Raj
Myriam Wares
Nicolas Lambert
Overdrive Design Ltd.
Paul Hammond
Ray Dak Lam*
Sofie Lee*
Space Rabbit Studio
Studio Nord Est
Tim Weiffenbach
Valley of Mexico Publishing
Weston Wei

Young Blood Illustration

Danny Claytor
Handawen Zhang
Jenna Noordstra
Madeleine LeBrun
Tiffany Chin*
Yuxin Yang
Nguyen Tran


Aaron McKenzie Fraser*
Andrea Wedig
Angry God*
Benjamin Edward Birch
Benoit Thériault
Bill Hawley*
Bruhmuller Studio
C&B Advertising*
Chip Kalback
Chris Amat
Chris Gordaneer*
Cole Burston*
Colin Way
Dana Dorobantu, CAPIC*
Daniel Ehrenworth
David De Stefano, CAPIC*
Dina Goldstein
Dominique Lafond
Dominique Malaterre
Edward Ramirez
Felix Renaud*
Genevieve Caron*
Gladstone Media
Hubert Kang
Jake Killorn*
Jason van Bruggen*
Jodi Pudge, CAPIC
Joe Bulawan
Jordan Probst Photography
Joseph Ford
Kathleen Loski*
Kevin, Lanthier, CAPIC
Le Quartier
Leah Hennel
Leo Burnett Toronto*
Les Garçons
Lindsey Drennan
LM Chabot*
Mark Binks Photography
Mark Gibbon
Markian Lozowchuk
Mathieu Lévesque*
Maude Chauvin
Maya Visnyei Photography Inc*
Michael Kazimierczuk
Michael Maes
Michael McKay
Michael Nalley Photography
Nik Mirus
Nikki Ormerod
Nikki Ross
Paula Wilson
Pété Photographie
Publicis Toronto*
Pure Perception
Renée Rodenkirchen
Richard Bernardin Photography*
Riley Stewart
Roth and Ramberg Photography
Shaina Fishman*
Sherry Sabatine Photography
Studio Kay*
Taylor Roades
Tracy Cox*
Trina Turl Photography
Véronique Duplain
Vicky Lam 
Virginie Gosselin*
Westside Studio
Zachary Scott 

Young Blood Photography

Michael McKay

A huge shout-out goes out to our award sponsors VVISTEK; association partners CAPIC, Design Professionals of Canada (DesCan) and our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital Communications for their generosity and support! 

NOTE: If you have received a winner’s notification email and your name is not on the list please email and we will edit the list to recognize the winning work. Moreover, if you are a winner interested in adding the coveted AACE, which will be engraved with your name, winning entry title, and client (if applicable), to your collection contact the above email.