The Dickie Berg promotes a good cause

New Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo

June 1, 2023

The Dickie Berg promotes a good cause

Zulu Alpha Kilo shared a recently released fun and unconventional campaign they created for their client Deeva Toys. The tag line: "Fighting climate change is hard. But so is Dickie Berg: the dildo that helps save the planet." is cheeky, playful and inspired by a giant penis-shaped iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland nicknamed Dickie Berg.

The iceberg made headlines worldwide, sparking a range of reactions from people. Most found it humorous. But many were also worried about the impact of climate change it represented. Rising temperatures have been accelerating the melting of glaciers, and the phallic iceberg served as a stark reminder of this fact.

“There have been many sensational and humorous headlines surrounding this iceberg, we created The Dickie Berg to bring attention to this in a lighthearted way.”

Tom Ashcroft, President, DeeVa Toys.

So, DeeVa, a premier adult novelty manufacturer working with Zulu Alpha Kilo, decided to act. They created the dildo to look just like the real iceberg, right down to the tip. It’s made entirely of eco-friendly soft phthalate-free materials – so it’s safe for our planet. One hundred percent of the profits from this unique sex toy will go towards nonprofits fighting climate change.


“When we saw how the Internet reacted to the iceberg, we recognized a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds to combat climate change in a cheeky way.”

Lisa Walton-Rixon, Business Group Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo.

The Dickie Berg dildo is available at

About DeeVa Toys:

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Client: DeeVa Toys 
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
Chief Creative Officers: Brian Murray, Jenny Glover
Associate Creative Director and Art Directors: Ivan Mallqui, Michael Romaniuk
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Marco Buchar
Client: Tom Ashcroft
Strategy Director: Meredith Ferguson
Business Group Director: Lisa Walton-Rixon

Have fun while changing climate change!