The Fluevog x Zandra Rhodes collaboration

A conversation with two iconic designers

June 10, 2022


Applied Arts sat down with John Fluevog and textile designer Zandra Rhodes on the eve of the release of their Spring/Summer ’22 time capsule collection. Mutual admirers of one another, it all started in the 70’s with a pair of velvet green Fluevog’s. These were later stollen out of Zandra’s flat to her great dismay. Fast-forward 50 year’s later Zandra and John met over Zoom. Thus began their collaboration of the newest collection John Fluevog x Zandra Rhodes

A creative collaboration can prove tricky in any instance, add a global pandemic to the mix and it would seem that much more complex. How did your creative collaboration evolve?

The project was approached tentatively each through their own lens that then evolved with the two exchanging their iconic designs. They perfectly married their unique designs to form a joint venture that spoke equally John Fluevog and Zandra Rhodes. However, bringing this epic collection to fruition was not an easy process due to the challenges faced by the pandemic. Challenges from supply chain issues and staffing shortages make this collection even more epic to get your hands (hmmm... feet) into a pair.

What were the creative influences behind this collection? 

The creative influence came from living and surviving the 60s and 70s. It was during these decades that each artist launched their careers, forming their iconic design. The collection is an emblem of their playful unique timeless look, chock full of creative flair.

What would you say is your biggest success?

John learned to approach the creative process by paying attention to his surroundings and not dismissing anything. Zandra added, that their commitment to their vision early on and not straying from their design allowed them to focus on their artistic selves. They both created their own brand that have been enhanced through this collaboration. 

This collection perfectly represents John’s victorian-underground culture paired with Zandra’s whimsical patterns forming this signature collection ranging from unforgettable Munster Maxes to whimsical Minis and even a fresh take on a classic 7th Heaven. The Fluevog x Zandra Rhodes collaboration has something for every lover of unique prints and soles!

Good news the collection is now available online or in-store.