The White Room Creates a Luxe Look for Julie Charbonneau Design

May 7, 2018

The White Room Creates a Luxe Look for Julie Charbonneau Design

Custom Folder


When Julie Charbonneau Design (JCD), a luxury residential interior design firm based in Toronto, decided they needed a new promotional kit to draw in prospective clients, they looked to The White Room to execute the project. According to its website, JCD sees interior design as something much more than creating living spaces; they see it as making art. This is highlighted throughout the design of the promotional kit, which exhibits individual pieces of artwork, not just documents and folders.


“My team and I knew from the beginning we wanted this piece to feel substantial and convey a feeling of luxury,” says Karolina Loboda, creative director of The White Room. The promotional kit includes custom folders, company brochures and nine project brochures. Each brochure and folder features sewed spine edges and a custom-painted eyelet closure tied with a ribbon. In total, Loboda and her team used six different types of papers from Neenah in various weights and finishes, plus foils to add a luxe touch.


Brochure Detail


The entire project was created using a palette of white, black and soft pink. “We felt the soft pink was very appropriate and added a touch of warmth to the overall neutral black piece,” says Loboda. The opulence of JCD’s designs is echoed throughout The White Room’s execution, and the crisp, sleek lines of the kit are reminiscent of the modern tables, tiles and counters JCD frequently uses.


 Project Brochures


Eyelet Closure


Along with the kit, The White Room provided JCD with a custom shoot of three images. The first two are still lifes that represent the studio’s materials, such as fabrics swatches and tiles. The final is a portrait is of the women behind JCD— Janinna Caverly and Julie Charbonneau. “Client relationships are a huge part of JCD’s business and we needed a warm and inviting portrait that represented the firm’s strengths in customer service,” says Loboda.—Sabrina Gamrot


Still Life




Company Brochures