Thus Spoke Bespoke Concrete

Rachel Lecompte and Virginie Gosselin Look to the Stars to Showcase Earthly Materials

December 7, 2021


In an age when space travel is replacing golf as the pastime of the uber-rich and the mysteries of the universe are being unravelled one hi-res photo at a time, it is nice when some of the allure and intrigue are returned to the final frontier. Such is the case in Copywriter and Art Director Rachel Lecompte and Photographer Virginie Gosselin’s recent photo series created to showcase the latest collection of tables and new terrazzo colours from Béton Architectural Johnstone, a specialist in high-end architectural concrete in Québec.

One can almost hear Györgi Ligeti’s “Lux Aeterna,” as you explore the lunar-like landscape filled with mystery. The perfect lines and colours of the structures from Béton Architectural Johnstone are contrasted by the shifting surface of the otherworldly terrain. While the high-end concrete may not hold the origins of the universe like Kubrick’s obelisk, they most certainly hold your attention in this series that returns mystery to the stars. View the whole series here

Conception, Art Direction and Words: Rachel Lecompte
Photography : Virginie Gosselin
Photo Assistants : Betty Bogaert et Mylène Castilloux
Photo retouching : Visual Box