July 22, 2022


Our 2022 Applied Arts Student Awards judge Carson Ting, Partner and Creative Director, Chairman Ting, Vancouver, BC, and a 2022 Applied Arts Illustration winner for his Billion Buns illustration under the promotional/social media category. Billion Buns began as an NFT collection comprised of 888 unique hand-drawn Buns that sold out in 48 seconds. The collection helped raise $24,000 for 4 charities, The UN Refugee Agency, Vancouver Food Bank, BC Children's Hospital Foundation and Rabbit Rescue Society.

Building off the success of Billion Buns, Carson teamed up with best bud, Alex Beim, Founder of Tangible Interactive, Vancouver, BC, both ex-advertising Creative Directors to create the second genesis 'Space Buns'. Carson says "It's been a crazy fun process to creating and innovating with friends". The unique star-crossed buns are set to launch into space next month

What were some unique features of the campaign?

We are selling the vinyl toy in addition with the NFT. The Vinyl toy is of course bespoke to the Space Buns collection that’s designed to appeal to both collectors and creators. 


What is the background behind the Billion Buns?


Billion Buns were born In a galaxy, not so far away, a progressive and highly inquisitive little species called the ‘Buns’ have been hit hard by an astronomical cosmic solar storm that has forced billions of them to flee their home planet Bananas. 

Desperately seeking a new place to call home, the Buns have descended upon Earth in advanced space shuttles undetected, running rampant on our soil. 


How will the billions blend into human civilization without revealing their buns?

What are the success stats or indicators for this project?

We don’t know yet as we’re still gearing up to our August 5 launch date. We’ll consider this a success if we move at least half the inventory by the the first week post launch. 


Can you give us some "peeks" behind-the-scenes?

Yes, we have a BTS video that we are excited to share. It’s a high-energy video with lots of quick cuts designed to showcase every step of our creative and production process. Take a sneak peek to view the behind-the-scenes video.


Why is this particular project a fave?

I get to collaborate with one of my closest friends, Alex Beim from Tangible. Whether this project takes off or not, it’s been a crazy fun process creating and innovating with friends.

A huge thanks to Carson for being part of the 2022 Student Awards jury. The winning entries from the Student Awards competition will be released in print in December and online next month.  See the famous second genesis Buns launch into space at billionbuns.com, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Discord