Turning the table: Claudia Mark


May 19, 2023

Turning the table: Claudia Mark

New York City-based Creative Director and 2023 Applied Arts Design Awards competition juror, Claudia Mark, Agenda, NYC, shares Lumen Learning, a project which she and her team found to be "... an incredibly rewarding process ... seeing it out in the world and connecting with educators and students has been really fulfilling."


Lumen Learning came to Agenda last year for a brand refresh. They provide evidence-based courseware and professional development tools for higher education. In contrast to many larger publishers, Lumen focuses on the students who are often left behind — with powerful technology at a cost anyone can afford. However, their brand was not delivering on this unique promise. It needed to be reimagined to position them as the caring, agile partner they are, while communicating the cost-effective solutions they provide. They did not have the brand equity or reach of their larger corporate competitors, so we really had to carve out what made them special and let that shine.


Lumen Education


What were some unique features of the campaign?

The new brand was inspired by the name “Lumen.” Taking into account that each student learns at their own pace, the ‘m’ in the logo and our gradient waves within the brand were reminiscent of the wavelengths from a light spectrum which moves at different speeds. The connection points within the waves spoke to how Lumen enables educators to create meaningful relationships with their students. We collaborated with illustrator Aron Leah of Fried Cactus Studio to create whimsical vignettes that make educators the heroes and showcase how they help each of their students succeed with the support of Lumen’s platform. This approach allowed us to create a really inclusive imagery style that educators and students could see themselves within.


What were the success stats or indicators?

Our clients were incredibly passionate about the Lumen brand and mission. Success was seeing their passion come to life within the brand. We got immediate buy-in and support along the way. It was an incredibly rewarding process and seeing it out in the world and connecting with educators and students has been really fulfilling.


Lumen education


Can you give us some "peeks" behind-the-scenes?

The illustration process was particularly fun. We collaborated with Aron to conceptualize worlds of discovery, education, success and inclusiveness that all centred around the educator — something competitor brands didn’t do. Other brands focus on student success, and while that is crucial and important, it is the educator that has the ability to facilitate that success with the help of the Lumen platform. Creating these worlds that revolved around a generally under-appreciated demographic helped to connect with our audience on a new level.


Lumen Educaction


Why is this particular project a fave?

It was truly a fun project to work on. We got to collaborate with a trusting client and an amazing illustrator and ended up with a brand everyone can be proud to say they contributed to.


Lumen Education


Can you give us your opinion on what you think made this project a success?

This project was a success because of our collaboration with an amazing client and our internal collaboration with the design and strategy teams. We all worked so well together to create a truly unique brand. Design isn’t a solo mission — the brand only got better the more people worked together, challenged and pushed the work.

Lumen Case-Study | w. weareagenda.com | LinkedIn: @weareagenda, @Claudiamark

Collaboration wins again! Congratulations to Claudia and her team at Agenda.