June 10, 2022


Where mobile reigns supreme.

lg2 Montreal goes deep to successfully rebrand Ludia, a mobile gaming developer.

2022 Design Awards judge David Kessous, Creative, VP, Executive Creative Director, Branding And Design at lg2 leads one of the most prolific design teams. Under his guidance, the team takes each project to heart and deploys every last drop of its talent to showcase attributes and aspects that define a brand’s unique offerings that sets it apart from the competition. That comes to fruition with his team’s latest project Ludia, a mobile gaming developer, a recent project he was so excited to share.


“lg2 understands how Ludia has evolved over the past years and was able to translate that into our new office spaces, logo, and brand image. We now have a brand that accurately reflects who we are.” 

Isabelle Frenette, Ludia Vice-President, Human Resources

Founded in 2007, Ludia is a video game development studio that evolved rapidly. In 2011, the studio took the bold step to focus exclusively on mobile gaming. As one of the first companies of its kind, it has long been held back by the perception that the mobile platform offers second-rate entertainment and struggles to fully express its ambitions and cred. The top brass felt the need to have a visual identity that conveys its mastery of the mobile realm and the playful energy of its portfolio. It was time for Ludia to align its brand identity with its actual image, both in substance and style.

For the brand image, the rules of the game were simple: avoid industry clichés and go deep. The results can be seen, for example, in the logo’s shape which thoughtfully mimics the shape of a smartphone. It was all about giving the 16:9 aspect its spotlight, and the replication of the screen shape can be found in every nook and cranny of the company’s spaces, whether digital or physical. The colours chosen suggest the glow of those from a mobile screen. Unified through a backlit effect, several brand elements play host to a dance between light and shadow.

“The shortness of the name and the large and solid letters gave us the opportunity to give Ludia the poised and polished assurance of an industry leader.”

lg2’s David Kessous explains.

And the uniqueness of the visual identity offered an excellent opportunity for lg2’s architecture group to create an office environment where the interior design perfectly matches the new brand platform. A bold new space to attract new talent and strengthen the sense of belonging of Ludians who can now immerse themselves daily in a world that reflects their creativity.



A huge thank-you to David for helping to select the 2022 Applied Arts Design Awards and for sharing his latest project (a Design Awards winning entry), which you will see grace the pages of the 2022 Photography, Illustration and Design Awards Annual.