Turning the Table: Kristian Hay

A look at amazing work by our 2021 judges

June 11, 2021


zak, branding, kristian hay, east 29th, beauty, skincare, self care

Kristian Hay is the co-founder and creative director at the award-winning boutique design studio ZAK in Vancouver, BC. Hay is intimately connected to all aspects of every project that ZAK is a part of, guiding the visual process from start to finish. If ZAK made it, Hay touched it. He is a versatile designer, comfortable designing websites, developing a packaging design or proofing a print piece. This visual versatility made Hay an ideal judge for our 2021 Photography & Illustration Awards competition.

We asked Hay to share a recent project that he was particularly proud of and he provided us with a particularly perfect example of ZAK’s belief that “design is an opportunity to create curiosity and build intrigue; to stir up emotion and facilitate conversation.”

zak, branding, kristian hay, east 29th, beauty, skincare, self care

Hay and ZAK’s branding for East 29th, a new Canadian skincare brand founded with the vision of combining skincare with self-care, captures the essence of the new product line that desires to go beyond a blemish-free visage and into the more ephemeral realms of union of elements (body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations).

“East 29th’s founder approached us with nothing but a serum and a story. In turn, we worked to understand their vision and ideals for a world where everyone can feel their best, natural self, and created a brand identity to capture their specific tone of voice,” states ZAK’s website. 

It is only fitting that these images by Velour Studios captured the bold, yet elegant, design language in so ethereal a manner. A harmonious blend between design and a brand focussed on harmony.

Find more of Hay and ZAK’s work at their website here.