Turning the Table: Olivier Caron


March 31, 2023

Turning the Table:  Olivier Caron


Seasoned creative Olivier Caron made the move from design to advertising early on in his career, and he hasn't looked back. As an art director, his work has been recognized by local and international competitions, such as yours dearest Applied Arts, Communication Arts, The ADCC, Marketing Awards, SIA, and Crea Awards. Olivier joined the LG2 Quebec City creative team in 2020, where he continues to fuel his creativity and love for cutting-edge ideas, good design and excellent craft. What does an award-winning art director look for when judging the 2023 Photography & Illustration Awards competition? His reply: Power of the idea, excellent craft and attention to detail.


That attention to detail, overall idea, and craft pours through his work. The proof is shown in the award-winning Check Mark CV advertising campaign for LG2's client Exceldor Farms.


Project description/context:

In an ongoing labour shortage, many people are not applying because they don’t have a curriculum vitae and the hiring process is too complicated. 

Exceldor Farms introduced the Check Mark CV. An ultra-simplified resume in the local papers that are filled out with two check marks and sent off in a few seconds by text message.

Exceldor Farms has received 400% more CVs than last year. In the span of two weeks, 203 people were hired. But more importantly, Check Mark CV offers a new solution to the global work crisis.

Why is this particular project a fave?

This project is a personal favourite of mine and my creative partner and copywriter Felix-Antoine Belleville because it solved a real and actual problem in the most simple way. It also showcased all the power of a traditional medium, less and less used these days, by showing that a great idea with this particular medium can still have an impact. 

Checkmark CV

Can you give us your opinion on what you think made this project a success?

I personally think the project was a success because of its disarming simplicity and cleverness. The simple fact of not having a CV can be an obstacle for many who want to apply for a job. It is also a real insight into the fact that many jobs do not require an extensive and long CV to apply. I think that joining these two insights together created the success of this particular project and also why it resonated with the HR community in such a way. 

Simplicity and cleverness equal success, a perfect motto for 2023! Olivier thank you for sharing your work with us all.