Turning the table on Antonia V Goga


May 26, 2023

Turning the table on Antonia V Goga

Antonia V Goga, a 2023 Applied Arts Design Awards juror and Creative Director, Design & XD at Momentum Worldwide, shared one of her favourite projects with us - the “Cadillac LYRIQ - The Signature Tour. BE ICONIC.” campaign. She and her team created a virtual tour of this new still in the assembling process Cadillac through the use of virtual technology.  Better than Star Trek's Holodeck, no?!?

Project Overview

With the upcoming launch of the all-electric LYRIQ, Cadillac’s first-ever EV, our team at Momentum Worldwide, Toronto, was tasked with solving a challenge that dealerships have faced for decades: how do you allow prospective buyers to experience a vehicle that’s still on the assembly line?

We created a first-of-its-kind, mixed reality test drive system, and integrated it straight into two Cadillac LYRIQ prototypes. Then we took them on tour across the country to over 115 dealership locations nationwide. Drivers were served with a bespoke experience that left them in awe when we revealed that the route they’d been driving was generated by their own signature — emphasizing the icon status the LYRIQ promises to make its driver feel.

What were the success stats or indicators? 

Prospective buyers got the opportunity to test drive the new LYRIQ at 115 locations nationwide, including at the tour’s launch in Montréal during the Fashion and Design Festival and in Toronto during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). This resulted in 325 deposits, +30k offline engagements, and +5.7k online visits.


Why is this particular project a fave? 

This project was a true testament of our great relationship and collaboration process with our teams, clients, vendors and partners. It was a year long project with a lot of unknowns, where everyone brought their expertise to bring our vision to life. We all explored together, we failed together, we learned together, and in the end, succeeded together. It was a very rewarding process that resulted in great work that everyone was proud of.

Great teamwork brings great results. Congratulations to Antonia and her team!