Turning the table on Dosh Osholowu


July 5, 2023

Turning the table on Dosh Osholowu

Dosh Osholowu, Intermediate Art Director, Vancouver, BC and 2023 Applied Arts Student Awards juror, shared his favourite project "The Mastery" a music video for artist Adewolf

I directed the music video for "Mastery" by ADEWOLF, exploring the golden age of Nigerian football and paying homage to the Super Eagles' victory at the Atlanta '96 Summer Olympics. Collaborating with Cinematographer Ben Dawson and Mixed Media artist Sterling Larose.



What were some unique features of the campaign?

The "Mastery" music video stood out with its unique features, including a mixed-media approach that incorporated intricate paper collages and acrylic paint techniques. Focusing on Nigerian football's golden age and the Super Eagles' victory at the Atlanta '96 Summer Olympics, the campaign celebrated their iconic status in African soccer. The music video captured the team's relentless energy through a blend of gritty passion and vibrant elements, resulting in a visually captivating and memorable experience.

What were the success stats or indicators?

The "Mastery" music video achieved significant success, with notable indicators including over 28,000 views on YouTube. Additionally, the video won the Best Music Video for Animation category at the LA Music Video Awards, recognizing the exceptional animation work. Furthermore, the video received a nomination for Best Music Video at the Leo Awards, highlighting its overall excellence and impact. 

Why is this particular project a fave?

This particular project holds a special place as one of my favourites because it allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I gained during my six years of work in the agency industry. It served as my directorial debut, and being able to bring my artistic vision to life was a fulfilling experience. As a Nigerian, this project held deep personal significance to me, as it allowed me to showcase and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and achievements of Nigerian football.

What a great introduction to Nigerian football!