Turning the table on Shiran Teitelbaum

Deutsch LA unlocks AI to help pets find their forever home

November 10, 2023

Turning the table on Shiran Teitelbaum

2023 Applied Arts Advertising Awards juror Shiran Teitelbaum, VP, Creative Director at Deutsch LA, shared a just-in-market advertising campaign for client PetSmart Charities.

The Brief:

A shelter pet with a completed bio is more likely to get adopted. But the truth is, animal shelters are overcrowded and overburdened and writing bios takes time. Together, with our clients at PetSmart Charities, Deutsch LA created Rescue Writer as a response – the world’s first AI tool that helps you craft pet profiles instantly.


Pet Smart Charities


What were the success stats or indicators?

PetSmart Charities gave a password-protected version of the tool to their shelter partners ahead of National Adoption Week, and we’ve already heard a positive response.

“The profile generator is absolutely the best gift anyone could give me. I spend hours and hours trying to think off what to write about all our babies, after a while it all just sounds so generic. Whoever came up with this is a genius.” Animal Shelter in Fultondale, Alabama

To date, we have 3,757 pet bios created.

“You have no idea how much of a difference Rescue Writer is going to make. It’s going to be huge! It’s easy to use. Every night, I make a point to write a few, mixing it up between bios that come from our point of view and also the pet’s. It’s amazing how the stories are so cute and creative, and with just a little editing, they’re so authentic. I know it’s going to help us find more loving homes for adoptable pets. We’re especially excited to share the tool with our foster parents, who don’t always have the time to write. We’re super thankful to PetSmart Charities and DLA for this game-changing tool!”- Board Member, Texas Animal Society


Can you give us some "peeks" behind-the-scenes?

Here are a few nerdy details: Built in-house by Deutsch LA, our user-friendly interface is backed by a system that leverages the OpenAI API, NextJS framework, and Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Prompts are generated based on user input, ultimately generating a unique pet profile written in one of four user-selected story tones: Heartfelt, Heroic, Comedic, or Magical. 


Why is this particular project a fave?

Any time you can make a project that helps get shelter pets adopted, it’s a win-win.


Pet Smart Charities

Can you give us your opinion on what you think made this project a success?

We love that this project will live beyond a traditional ad campaign. It’s a tool that volunteers, fosters and shelters can use moving forward when generating pet profiles.

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