July 15, 2022

We asked 2022 Student Awards Judge and Associate Creative Director Teresa Leung, to share with us a project of hers- one where she felt she really shone through. And shine she does! Teresa created this campaign with her team at ZGM Calgary before moving on to Vancouver's Will.

Project Overview: 

This was way back at the start when people were just coming to terms with the idea of staying 6 feet apart. United Way wanted to be the leader within the community by reminding everyone that although we need to remain apart, we are all united. 

What were some unique features of the campaign?

The challenges of creating a very in-person piece but not being able to be around others to do it. It really showed us how much you can get accomplished with a group of people who all strived to make it work.


What were the success stats or indicators?

Over the first week of launching, the United Way of Calgary "United Apart" COVID resource website had a substantial increase in visits and indicated a 6x longer stay than usual. During the toughest, most anxiety-inducing phase of the pandemic, more than 80,000 Calgarians were reached. 


Can you give us some "peeks" behind-the-scenes? 

We built these optical illusions during the lockdown. We learned quickly that the illusion depended on the percentage of black printed. However, it was based on the printers themselves. We did hundreds of test prints. The printers sent all of them to my apartment so that I knew each piece's black percentage matched the specific printer with the media that it was being printed on. It was thanks to the patience of our vendors and our printers that we were able to accomplish the illusion across all media successfully. 

Why is this particular project a fave?

It was a challenge--a riddle that needed to be solved at the time. And it also helped people during the pandemic. Win-win. 


Can you give us your opinion on what you think made this project a success?

The ask was "make something that promoted our resource website during COVID." I feel this project not only evolved on the ask but tapped in on the real-life insight and strange way of life we were living at the time. It shared a much-needed resource with the community that strengthened our social connections and showed people that they were not alone. 


A huge thank you to Teresa for non only sharing this project with us all but for participating in our Student Awards judging this year!