Unveiling the 2022 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners

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April 11, 2022

Unveiling the 2022 Photography & Illustration Awards Winners


We are excited to release the winning work from the 2022 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards competition. A huge thanks to our 16 judges for sharing their expertise and for participating in this year’s awards process. 


When our judges accepted our invitations, last fall, they didn’t realize the challenge they would be up against. Judge Ally Keith, ACD, Ogilvy Toronto, says: “The fact that there was so much amazing work to even select from with so much craft and depth to it made it really difficult to select a winner because anyone that can create art in these trying times is a winner”.


And as Magalie Samson, CD, Publicis Montréal, says: “What inspired me about the work given the past two years? That breaking the rules is the right thing to do”. We couldn’t agree more. Our 2022 winners showcase the worthiness of pushing oneself outside one’s comfort zone in order to attain breakthroughs, in this case daring visuals and concepts that speak to the zeitgeist of our times and result in exciting new work.


Here at Applied Arts Media our mandate is to celebrate artistry that inspires, that provokes thought and encourages bold, audacious, creations. A huge thanks to all our entrants this year, you soldiered on through the difficulties of the past two years and stayed inspired, adventurous and undaunted. You created aspirational work, congratulations!


Regarding the judging process, the judges were divided into groups, each viewing and scoring a different and random group of entries over one round of judging.  Each judge poured through the entries via our secure online judging system without consulting each other. The judges assigned one score to each entry based on creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use in the category it was submitted to. Each entry was judged independently on its own merit and not by rank or comparison to other entries in the same category.


We have no predetermined quota of winners for instance, should a category have no winners it is then eliminated. In the instance where categories have multiple winners we declare all entries above the cut-off score winners and publish them. The winners are not ranked (i.e.: gold, silver, etc.) every entry above the cut-off score is given equal exposure as a winner.


“Amazing detail” says Jake Hope, ACD, Rethink, Vancouver, BC on the Young Blood winning entry About a Ghost, Unpublished/Personal Illustration by Celeste Colborne, Calgary


Be sure to check out the Summer Annual, available in late June, it will be choke-full of inspiration with the 2022 Photography, Illustration and Design awards winners. For non-subscribers, the annual will be available at select newsstands or pre-order your copy now for delivery early July. If you don’t want to wait, scroll through our 2022 Photography and Illustration winners gallery now. 


Thank you to our award sponsors VISTEK; association partners CAPIC, Design Professionals of Canada (DesCan) and RGD; and our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital Communications for their support!