Volkswagen's Sustainable Mobility

Electrifying campaign from Taxi

February 24, 2021

Volkswagen's Sustainable Mobility

To promote its all-electric SUV, Volkswagen launched an automotive website unlike any other with the help of Taxi.

Did you know that the internet has a carbon footprint and accounts for ~4% of global CO2 emissions? By using no images (!?%!?), the bold campaign The Future is Electric leaves a cleaner carbon footprint and effectively drives home that a commitment to a sustainable future has numerous touchpoints.

To introduce the first model in their innovative ID. Family of Electric Vehicles, and to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable mobility, Volkswagen removed all their vehicle photographs and designed a site with nothing but ASCII text (over 1.5 million characters) to create the illusion of car images.  

The result?  A browsing experience cleaner than 99% of the 2 million+ pages tested by digital carbons emissions calculator Website Carbon.

Steered by Creative Director Allen Kwong,  Volkswagen's Carbon-Neutral Net is a sustainable site offering a vision of a sustainable future.  The campaign is live and being supported through social, search and CRM through the early spring. You can find out more at