We Want to Stay at Home, That’s an Order

HomeEquity Bank and Zulu Alpha Kilo launches fresh, sharp-witted campaign that empowers retirees to stay in the home they love

May 18, 2021


Seniors are taking a stand in the place where they live in this witty and surprising new campaign from HomeEquity Bank and Zulu Alpha Kilo.

“Now more than ever, people are realizing why their homes are more important than just being an asset. There is another choice to downsizing,” says Yvonne Ziomecki Executive Vice President – Marketing and Sales. “Our research shows us that over 90% of people over 65 want to retire in their home. We can help make that a reality, while enabling Canadians to make the choice that’s right for them.”

In a series of wry spots that show that seniors are spryer than they are perceived and aren’t ready, willing or required to downsize their beloved homes.

“This campaign reinforces the true value of your home, while continuing to empower retirees,” says Zak Mroueh, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “The work draws from true insights and scenarios that this audience routinely face. No one should be pressured to sell their home. Especially those in retirement.”

The campaign starts now and runs throughout 2021 helping seniors stay in their homes, but hopefully not having to stay at home for too much longer.

About HomeEquity Bank 

HomeEquity Bank is a Schedule 1 Canadian Bank offering the CHIP Reverse Mortgage and CHIP Open solutions. The company was founded more than 30 years ago as an annuity-based solution addressing the financial needs of Canadians who wanted to access the equity of their top asset – their home. The Bank is committed to empowering Canadians’ age 55 plus to live the retirement they deserve, in the home they love. HomeEquity Bank is a portfolio company of Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc., a mid-market private equity firm based in Toronto with more than $3 billion in capital under management. For more information, visit www.chip.ca


Client: HomeEquity Bank
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
CD/Writer: Nick Asik
ACD/Art Director: Jenny Luong
Art Director (Sore Back): Susie Lee
Writer (Sore Back): Jonathan Smith
Writer (Granddaughter): Jonah Flynn
Art Director (Social): Sarah Quinto
Writer (Social): Julia Forrester
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Account Team: David Tremblay, Sarah Shiff
Planning Team: Tim Hopkins
Clients: Yvonne Ziomecki, Vivianne Gauci, Erin Wilson, Niary Toodakian and Sonia Gill
Media Agency: OMD & iQuanti
Media Team: Dwayne Mataseje (OMD), Mitchell Cornelisse (OMD), Justin Lee (iQuanti)
PR Agency: Provident
PR Team: Morgan McLellan
French Partner Agency: n/a
Production House: Partners Film
Director: Michael Downing
Executive Producer – Gigi Realini
Line Producer – Jeff Schwartz
Director of Photography: André Pienaar
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