What a Way to Make a Whiskey

Troll Co. and 123w celebrate blue-collar America with new bourbon whiskey, Five Nine

April 21, 2022

When musing about that great pillar of capitalism, the 9-5 workday, Dolly sang "they just use your mind, and they never give you credit," but at Applied Arts we strive to make sure you know who is behind the amazing creative work that can, at times, be anonymous to the average consumer. Creative workers are workers too, and the new down-to-earth whiskey, Five Nine, from Troll Co.
Five Nine is the clothing brand's first dip into the spirits world, and they wanted to make a whiskey that celebrated the blue collared folks who don't subscribe to the 9-5 workday. To bring it back to Dolly, working "5 to 9 you've got passion and a vision."
“With Five Nine Bourbon we wanted to create a tools-down whiskey that celebrates some of life’s  small wins—like an end to a long shift or savouring the satisfaction of a job well done,” said Rick Tremblay, CEO of Five Nine Whiskey.

As part of the brand identity work, One Twenty Three West created a brand platform, name, logo, full product packaging suite, brand guidelines and social media campaign.

"The vision for the design for the Five Nine brand was rooted in embodying that blue collar lifestyle, the juxtaposition between the grittiness of hard work in contrast with the appreciation for the quality and sophistication of a well-crafted whiskey,” explains Mo Bofill, Creative Director and Partner at One Twenty Three West. “This was truly a great partnership of co-creating with the Troll Co. team to bring this to life."


Five Nine Whiskey
Justin Lazerte
Jason Tremblay
Rick Tremblay

One Twenty Three West
Creative Director: Mo Bofill
Creative Director, Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Associate Creative Director, Design: Eric Seymour
Strategy: Catherine Piercy, Sammy Rifai
Producer: Ninette Aves
Account Management: Scot Keith, Natalie Wu, Andrea Tam, Kellen McGerrigle