What Dreams May Come Eze

Sleep-Eze, Canada’s leading sleep-aid, gets slightly surreal in a new awareness campaign from Fuse Create.

January 14, 2022


A good night’s sleep can be hard be to come by, but Sleep-Eze, Canada’s leading sleep-aid, wants you to stop daydreaming about dreaming and “Get the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of” in a new campaign developed by Fuse Create and focussed on adults aged 35-55 who need relief for occasional nighttime sleeplessness (insomnia) due to overwork, tiredness, or fatigue, and in our industry, who hasn’t experienced one or all three?

"We started from the insight that a good night’s sleep is priceless, not because of the sleep itself, but because of what it brings the next morning—feeling rejuvenated, focused and energetic," says Steve Miller, Executive Creative Director at FUSE Create. "That was the catalyst to develop a simple but different kind of spot for this category, one that would stand out in a sea of sleepy sameness."

The spot, which is directed by The Perlorian Brothers, features a man decked out in a purple Nudie suit patterned in dreamy sleep symbols, think Little Nemo meets Gram Parsons, waking to greet the day. The spot only gets stranger from there, as dreams are want to do, but the dialogue-free piece delivers the message: a good night’s sleep is very good.

 “Sleep-Eze knows that a good night’s sleep sets the foundation for a good day ahead,” says Patrick Kane, Senior Marketing Director with Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. “It’s not the experience itself, but what it promises for the day ahead—feeling rejuvenated, focused and full of energy and possibility.”



Title: Get the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of
Client: Prestige Brands
Brand: Sleep Eze
EVP, Marketing & Sales: Adel Mekhail
Sr Marketing Director: Patrick Kane
Associate Brand Manager: Ciara Famble

Agency: FUSE Create
Executive Creative Director: Steve Miller 
Creative Director: Patrice Pollack
Art Director: Chloe Kim / Emmanuel Obayemi
Copywriter: Samuel Rudykoff
Strategist: Annie Rowe 
Group Account Director: Lindsay Ditkofsky
Agency Producer: Andrew Schulze 

Production Company: Soft Citizen
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography: Barry Parrell
Executive Producers: Eva Preger, Link York, Rob Burns
Line Producer: Merrie Wasson 

Edit House: School Editing

Editor: Ben Canny 

Assistant Editor: David Ngandu
Executive Producer: Sarah Brooks

Colour Facility: Alter Ego 
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Colour Assistant: Daniel Saavedra
Producer: Spencer Butt

VFX / Finishing Facility: Fort York
Online Artist: Melissa Vasiliev
Online Assistant: Dylan B Morgan
VFX Producer: Armen Bunag

Media Agency: UM
French Adaption: Head Space